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Delivering Results, not politics in Ward 12.

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Hello to all my Ward 12 Neighbors!

My name is Nancy Ford, I am running for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 12. I am a 18 year Ward 12 resident and a I own a local consignment shop, The Repair Lair. I am running as a DFL candidate but I believe our local politics should be about serving citizens regardless of party. I am running because I believe city politics should not be about politics. It should be about helping our citizens.












There are so many issues to address. We need to examine homelessness in this city and look towards solutions collectively. While I do not believe encampments are the long term solution, I am concerned with the current administration's decisions about clearing encampments that they had allowed to stand for two years already. We need Public Safety that centers on decreasing crime rates while also considering areas we can introduce reform. We also need to strengthen our local neighborhood associations so communities can control where money is invested. We need a thriving small business district in every single Minneapolis Community so jobs and businesses close to where people live.. We need affordable housing which works for the residents of Minneapolis to create long term wealth and stability.


I believe there is so much we can do when we address problems together, as neighbors.

- Nancy E. Ford

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